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►Business Introduction


►Main Customers


■ Daifuku Pioneer Co., Ltd.



‧Semiconductor Plant (TSMC, UMC)
‧Color Filter Plant (AMTC)

Installation / Electric Wiring of Automated Transport System (Clean Stoker, Clean Way, Clean Lifter etc..) in above dust-free facilities


■ Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. (Japan, Taiwan, U.S.A., 
 China (Guangzhou), Italy)


‧Design / Fabrication / Installation of Interconnection
 Substrate Materials Polymerization Equipment (Various
 Tank, Piping, Filter)
‧Heat Media Press, Interconnection Substrate Materials
 Press, Deodorized Machine Installation
‧Fabrication / Installation of Piping and Exhaust Flue
‧Design / Fabrication / Installation of Plant Duct
‧Press Equipment Plant Transfer Construction Work
‧Roll stock Support Installation
‧Various Machinery Equipments Fabrication and
 Maintenance Work

■ Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Sindian, Shulin, Yilan
 Incineration Plants


‧Fabrication / Installation of Fly Ash Convey System
‧Fabrication of Exhaust Duct, Installation of Stack Elevator
‧Fabrication of Test Weight for Crane
‧Fabrication of T/G room Crane
‧Fabrication of Hoist Crane
‧Fabrication of Blower
‧Fabrication of Plant Model
‧Creation of Construction Process Video
‧Fabrication / Installation of other equipments


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