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For employer

 We provide immediately a suitable talented person to meet the needs of our clients.
Our objective is to connect the employers, who have need of very talented people, and the candidates, who want to promote their achievement.


 1. Temporary engineering staffing service such as development design and maintenance
 2. Placement service such as sales, administration, accountant and translation


 Upon request of customer, we provide staffs that have abundant experiences and knowledge.

 Especially as for temporary engineering staffing, we believe we can offer satisfactory services derived from 40 years of outstanding performances in Japan and 10 years in Taiwan.


For request and further information, please contact us via telephone or E-mail. 



What's Temporary staffing

 There are two types of temporary staffing with Altech Shine; one is permanent employee for temporary staffing at clients' locations, while the other is contracted employee for temporary staffing at clients' locations. We mainly provide the temporary staffing service from our experienced employee to meet our clients' needs in accordance with contracts.


Clients Altech Shine

Temporary Staff Work at Client's Site


Temporary Staff Altech Shine

Temporary Staff Work at Client's Site


Clients Temporary Staff

Management and Work Relationship



What is Recruitment

 We will interview job applicants and then recommend a few qualified applicants to our clients. Clients make decision on which applicant to employ.


Clients Altech Shine

Recommend qualified applicants


Job applicants Altech Shine

Interview with job applicants


Clients Job applicants

Employment after mutual agreement



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